Marine / BWR / BWP

Available in Moisture Resistant (MR) and Boiling Water Resistant (BWR) grades. Both the grades are used for the interior and exterior woodworking application. ISI marked M.R. grade plywood is made with selected seasoned hardwood wood veneers and centre core of Eucalyptus wood to give superb nail holding strength and balances the Plywood from any bend or wrap. 

They are then bonded with Melamine Urea Formaldehyde Glue/ Resin under computer controlled temperature and pressure, bonded face to face with the grain running in alternate directions or cross bonding which gives our material its core strength.

Our Plywood is used in any application that needs high quality wooden sheet material. High quality in this context means resistance to cracking, breaking, shrinkage, twisting and warping.

Note from the Founder

100% Treated Plywood

Anti borer & termite chemical infusion in the premium quality Plywood gives it the ultimate resistant properties to protect the product from the attacks of borers and termites. Unlike ordinary plywood, Our Ply is capable of sustaining itself from the impact of attacks, rendering greater value to the product, in terms of life and usability.

Suggested Uses

Ceilings, door panel inserts, vehicle seats and backs, floor, kitchen furniture, wall paneling, beds, partitions, furniture like chair, study table, dining table, drawers, shelves, racks, cupboards, show cases, etc.

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